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The following resources are provided to help you better understand your financial situation. NAPFA is constantly developing new resources for the public, so come back often to see what we have added to Tips and Tools.

To jumpstart Americans' retirement planning, we asked our members to rank advice that represents the type of comprehensive planning that consumers should expect from a financial planner. Use this infographic to view top tips for people who are five, 10 and 20 years away from retirement.

The checklist is an excellent way to get an overview of an advisor's capabilities.  Print copies of this checklist and present it to the advisors you are considering hiring.  Use their responses as a basis for then deciding which advisor to interview.

After you have selected advisors to interview, print this diagnostic and ask the advisors to complete it. Review the answers and compare them to the “answer key” of NAPFA-recommended responses that is included in the Diagnostic. If the advisor’s responses closely match the answer key, you can be confident that the advisor will work in your best interests

NAPFA members are not all alike. Though they adhere to the same key principles, they are each independent advisors who serve their clients differently. Use this document to understand the differences in forms of compensation and level of service that will be provided.

The purpose of this document is to provide full and specific disclosure as to how the financial planner and the planning firm will be compensated if the client decides to accept and implement the planner’s recommendations.

This document will help you "pull back the curtain" about how an advisor operates.  It will explain how much control of your assets your advisor will have and who will be the custodian of your money.

Check out NAPFA's New Pursuit of a Financial Advisor Field Guide, which will walk you through all of the steps to finding qualified financial advice.