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Your clients can get a free credit check-up from Credit.com, a trusted source of financial information and easy-to-use tools to help consumers understand and take control of their credit.
With a free Credit.com account, your clients get a one-page snapshot of their credit profile, including:  
  • A free Experience credit score, along with estimated FICO and Vantage scores
  • A credit report card that tells them how they’re doing in the five key areas that determine their credit score
  • A personalized action plan, including recommendations from our 30+ experts on steps they can take to better manage their credit
  • Updates every 30 days, which are always free

A free Credit.com account is particularly useful for people who may have had trouble decoding their credit reports. It's designed to provide a foundation for understanding credit, demystifying a subject which many people find very confusing.

With a free Credit.com account, your clients will be able to:

  • See where they stand
  • Discover how they compare to others in their state and across the US
  • Find out what credit card & loan offers they are likely to qualify for, before applying
Your clients can sign up for a free Credit.com account HERE.

Additionally, Credit.com has prepared a list of Credit Score & Credit Report FAQs that you might find useful when advising your clients:

What is a Bad Credit Score?
How Do I Get My Free Annual Credit Report?
How Do I Dispute An Error on My Credit Report?